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Hero Templates

Template:Hero Template

Template:Hero Template/doc is used to create Hero information pages. If you have any suggestion on improvements let us know in the forums


Template:HeroNav/doc is used in the Hero Template


Template:HeroPromoteTable is not currently used. The plan is to add this template into the Hero Template to display the costs for Star promotions for Heroes. Needs to accept a rarity parameter from the Hero Template to selectively display information

Template:Hero Infobox V3

Template:Hero Infobox v3/doc

Template:Unrelease Notice

Template:Unreleased Notice/doc

Item Templates


Template:Orb/doc is used to created Orb, Core, and Shard information pages. If you like the layout let us know in the forums or if you have idea on improvements.


We need a template for items like weapons, armor, helms, shields, accessories, rings, and pendants. Help get the ball rolling over in the forums

General Templates


Template:Location/doc is used with Template:Quest/doc and Template:Orb/doc it takes a numerical chapter value and stage value. It outputs either a link or plain text in the format of "Chapter - Stage: Stage Name" or "Chapter Name". It currently only goes up to chapter 13 - help and post chapter and stage names



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