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 What Are Status Effects?

Status effects can disable or buff an unit (or party) depending on their nature. Offensive status effects can be considered disabilities since they effectively disable the enemy. Beneficiary status effects can be considered as buffs that increases the strength of the unit (or party). This page will go over all status effects available in game.

 Disabilities Information

Mimir icon.png

Barrier Break

Breaks existing barrier that are in effect.

First Boy Ymir Icon.png

Barrier Seal

Prevents the creation of barriers while in effect. This includes gear skills, accessory skills, and special skills.


Makes normal attack miss much more frequently.

Brand Hero Icon.png


Nullifies healing effects (including regen) and converts it to damage equal to half of the total heal.

Burn Hero Icon.png


Deals fire damage every turn.

Freya icon.png


Makes a hero attack friendly heroes in close proximity. If no heroes are available to attack, the charmed hero will attack oneself. While charmed, the hero cannot use any skills.

Confuse hero icon.png


Makes a hero attack oneself. While confused, the hero cannot use any skills.

Curse hero icon.png


Buffs and heals will do nothing while curse is in effect.

Fear hero icon.png


Prevents skill gauge from increasing.

Freeze hero icon.png


A hero cannot do anything while frozen. Freeze will also deal water damage every turn.

Genesis Ymir Icon.png

Ignore Barrier

Ignores any barriers that are in effect and deals direct damage to the enemy.

Paralyze hero icon.png


Prevents a hero from taking action while paralysis is in effect.

Petrify hero icon.png


Prevents a hero from taking action while petrified, and prevents skill gauge from increasing.


Deals non-elemental damage every turn.


Effectively removes a hero from battle while in effect. Shaded heroes will not receive any buffs, but existing buffs will still be in effect until they expire. Shade also deals dark damage every turn.


Prevents skills from being used. Silenced heroes can still perform normal attacks.


Prevents a hero from taking action until the effect wears out or they receive damage.


Action speed is cut in half.


Increases the damage received from a specified element by 50%.

Buffs Information


A barrier that absorbs HP equal to a portion of the damage received. Barrier effects cannot stack; therefore, new barriers will overwrite older barriers.


A barrier that nullifies either ATK, MATK, or both damage for a fixed amount.


A barrier that nullifies damage for a fixed amount and counterattacks the attacker.


Steals HP equal to the portion of damage dealt.


Weapon and accessory skills are guaranteed to activate 100% of the time while master is in effect.


Increases action speed by double.


A barrier that nullifies damage for a fixed amount and reflects a portion of the damage received back to the attacker.


Regenerates a percentage of health every turn.


A shield that nullifies fixed amount of damage. Can stack with barrier.