Orbs are obtainable items that can be used to increase a hero's power score.


Orbs are separated into four rarities;

  1. Grey
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. Purple

Orbs can be obtained in five ways.

The first way to obtain an orb is to play through quests and obtain it directly. This is usually done for the Grey rarity of orbs. Orbs higher than Grey rarity have to be combined with either other orbs or orb cores, this is the second way to obtain orbs. Occasionally, Orbs of different rarities will appear in the trader, buying orbs from shops is the third possible way to obtain orbs. These orbs can be purchased in the Main trader, the Friend trader, the Arena trader, the Connect trader, the Christmas trader, the Guild Trader, and the Traveling trader. The fourth way to obtain orbs is to progress through special events such as Onslaughts. In onslaught, as you progress through the tower, chests are given as compensation. Inside chests, the player has the opportunity to open and obtain orbs. The fifth and final way to obtain orbs is to buy diamond sets in the diamond shop. Sometimes, orbs are included in diamond packs as a complementary gift.


Grey Orbs

Green Orbs

Blue Orbs

Purple Orbs

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