This page contains Ongoing Events, Event Dungeons you can clear in-game that's held on certain days of the week and the current Raid Boss being held.

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Last Updated: September 27th, 2017

Event Dungeons Schedule


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Hero EXP Quest Aesir & Human Jotun, Elf, & Therian Aesir, Beast, & Dwarf Elf & Human Aesir & Jotun Dwarf, Beast, & Therian All Heroes
Orb Quest Aesir Only Therian Only Beast Only Elf Only Jotun Only Dwarf Only Human Only

Current Bonuses

Quest Orb Drop Up

Quest Orb Drop Up Banner

Current Onslaught

Current Scenario Quests

Current Connect Boss

Current Summons

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