• Huggerme

    Starting over

    January 2, 2017 by Huggerme

    I've wanted to start an experiment tracking the drop rate of heroes items in the game. For the past few days,I've tracked all summons that I have made. Looking at it, I notice that I don't summon that much, the spreadsheet of where I track my  earnings is filled with blank, white boxes. 

    I only want to spend diaonds on either summons with increased 3* summons, or discounted summons, saving is more important. Given that,  it would seem that I do alot of mana summons, but I think I will save up on mana as well, I have more fun opening summons in sucession of another. It makes the 100,000 summons seem less bad.

    I'll spend all saved mana on summons and show the report when I reach 10 "10x diamond" summons.

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